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    Is your Friend or Loved one in a BAD relationship?

    We ALL know someone who is in a relationship that they OFTEN say is less than perfect. They say that they don't enjoy it and SWEAR that they are willing to leave at any moment. You, on the other hand can clearly see the train wreck miles away... So, how do you help them?
    It's simple, you DON'T.
    Instead, you help YOU.
    If an adult is or has a history of making poor relationship decisions, the first thing that you should ask yourself is WHY?
    Why are YOU so concerned with the choices of another able-bodied adult?  Why are YOU taking their choices so personally? Many of us may say that it'd because "We love or care about the person". Right?
    But let's be honest... We cate about ourselves MORE.
    It's not that we don't care about our loved one, our aggravation stems from the fact that their decisions are making US uncomfortable and we want them to STOP!
    So AGAIN,  What can we do for them?
    We can get support for ourselves.
    1) We can get some form of therapeutic or spiritual support and pray for their stability.
    2) We can also pray for our own comfort with whatever decisions they make.
    3) Be a shoulder and an ear. It's highly likely that when things begin to unravel for your loved one, they'll seek you for comfort. DONT ADVISE! You do not want to get caught up in this emotional cyclone of indecisiveness unless you're a therapist.  So listen and ask them "How do you plan to address that?". Hear them out and assure them that you're there to LISTEN ONLY..
    Setting this type of boundary is healthy and you'll prevent a lot of frustration.

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