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    Love Spontaneously

    Do we REALLY need a REASON to Love our significant others?

    Many of us wait until its "appropriate" to display love.

    "Let's wait until we get home"

    "Were in front of ALL of these people"

    "I'm afraid that he/she won't respond positively"

    If you've thought or said ANY of the above you are cheating yourself out of an opportunity to connect in a meaningful and far-reaching way. LOVE does not always have to lead directly to sex on the spot yet it is an intimate way of communicating. So, grab their hand without being prompted. Whisper in their ear that you still have a crush on them. Rub an arm, shoulder, or knee for no reason at all...

    If you're uncomfortable doing this, let's push past the discomfort. There's something beautiful on the other side!

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