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    I am one of those VERY LUCKY people that have found their purpose in life. My purpose was to pioneer a relationship transformation tool in the form of a greeting card so that others can begin communicating (again) and have a successful relationship therefore creating the life of their dreams!

    It is also my goal to be a resource for those still struggling and who are considering taking the journey back to their partner. I want to be the flashlight for you when it gets dark. I want you to know- I KNOW that THIS is HARD! Ive been exactly where you are... I have paced the floors worried that I was going to loose my relationship and let down my loved one. I've cried myself to sleep more times than I could ever count. I struggled because I didn't have the right knowledge. I didn't know how to re-start my relationship properly. I did not have the words. As a result, I could not reach the soul of my loved one so that recovery was possible.

    Ive turned all of that around and I am now so incredibly blessed that I get to wake up every day and do something that I LOVE and I can actually help you guys to do the same! How crazy is that :)

    I dont mind telling you that for the first time, im comfortable in my relationship. You too can have that... I want you to know that it IS within your reach. You simply need to get off of that hamster wheel, make some brave decisions, and you need to have a plan. Please visit my site whenever you feel lost. I have created tools just for you!
    So Let the healing begin!!

    Jamelia R. Hand MHS CADC MISAI

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